Knife making forge
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Course deposit (forged San mai)

$100.00 AU

Product Description

San Mai two day courses run over two separate Saturdays or Sundays. The course covers all aspects of the forge welding process using either mild steel or wrought iron as cladding and a high carbon core. The general forging process will be achieved via power hammer along with hammer and anvil for refinement work. The steel will be normalised, again using the forge, and prepped for heat treating. The bulk of the steel will then be removed on the knife grinder and refined on Japanese water stones.

While basics of handle work will be covered, the course will focus mainly on the blade. It is important that time and flexibility be allowed for each student to grasp the forging processes. Hidden tang single piece handles will either be supplied or constructed dependant on availability of time. These handles will be shaped with the final sanding and refinement to be completed either during the course or, if necessary, completed at the student’s convenience off site.

Safety throughout the forging process is of upmost importance and, as with all worksites, appropriate safety gear must be worn. A leather apron, hearing and eye protection can be supplied while leather boots, long sleeved shirts and long pants must be worn at all times.

Prices range from $850 to $950 dependent on material preferences.