Knife making forge
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Course Deposit (2 day)

$100.00 AU

Product Description

Forged kitchen knife courses run over two separate days in two consecutive weeks – weekends or midweek possible. The course covers all aspects of the forging process using high carbon steel to forge a mono steel blade.

The general forging process will be achieved via power hammer along with hammer and anvil for refinement work. The steel will be normalised using an electric kiln and prepped for final quench. The bulk of the steel will then be removed on the knife grinder and finished with a machine finish or by hand.

Following forging, a handle material will be chosen and prepped for fitting the blade, shaped and sealed. If time permits a timber sheath/saya will be constructed to house the blade and protect the edge. 

Safety throughout the forging process is of upmost importance and, as with all worksites, appropriate safety gear must be worn. A leather apron, hearing and eye protection can be supplied while leather boots, long sleeved shirts and long pants must be worn at all times.

Total cost $800